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A right career in life is what every student hopes to achieve, for which they enter their professional courses after their higher secondary / +2 courses / Pre-University as the case may be. Before entering into a University a lot of thinking and contemplation needs to be done to ensure the Career Options after 12th is correctly chosen. Some factors that must be considered include:

  • A great amount of self –evaluation by self- assessment
  • Contact career guidance centers, experts and information in the print or the digital media to help you make the right Career Options after 12th
  • Make a list of professions that would suit you according to your marks scored in the 10th as well as in the 12th Board Examinations.
  • Re-assess your aptitude in these subject areas where you have excelled
  • Re-assess your aptitude in the subject areas you would like to choose.
  • Never be pressurized into choosing a profession. It should be 100% your decision. So try to overcome peer and parent pressure when choosing the right Career Options after 12th.

Some of the Career Options after 12th include:

For those who are academically inclined in Science:

  • Research programs and then taking up either teaching or with Doctoral specializations it is a great way to reach the top as a faculty in universities. Doctorate program can help you become a scientist in various fields. Today there an increased demand for scientists, especially in fields related to plants, animals, food, and environment.
  • If the interest and the marks are equally high in physics taking up Applied Sciences at the University level can lead you to be a Physicist or continue educating yourself in the field to be a Scientist. In such cases, professional options also extend as teaching faculties, industries, and scientific research.
  • Similar is the case for Chemistry or Bio- Chemistry but the options here increase as there are chances to take up professions leading to pharmaceuticals, chemical industries, and teaching faculties.
  • Taking up Biology or related subjects today is in great demand as there are many research requirements in various fields including agricultural industries, in the field of agricultural learning and fields like veterinary, dairy farming and horticulture, aquaculture and many others Career Options after 12th.

For those who are not so academically inclined, assess your aptitude and find out doing what makes you feel good. It is possible to reach a very high level in a profession, whether it is that of a performer, a pilot, a model or a writer and even a social activist. What you need is the aptitude for it, a preference for a particular job and above all the willingness to work hard.

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