Career Options in Automation

The automation industry involves the conception and application of technology to control or monitor the manufacture and delivery of products and services by the companies and firm around the world. Automation engineers simulate, program, design and test automated technology and processes in order to finish rigorous tasks. The scope of this industry is characteristically found in industries such as food processing plants or car manufacturing, where machines or robots are used to achieve specific functions. Automation engineers are accountable for design details and other comprehensive documentation of their formations.

Professional requirements in the field Automation

For any professional certifications can significantly contribute to the search and procurement of a good automation job. Any individual who has a certificate for a control system engineer can exhibit his or her knowledge of arrangement and the automatic control of dynamic processes. A professional can also become a certified control systems technician. This is a title recognized by more than 40 companies that make the usage of automation systems. One can become a certified automation professional too. This is a certification which gives the professional a great leverage in career as this certification is extremely tough and is held by very few people worldwide.

Automation Eligibility

To become a professional in automation one has to have a technical degree (preferably an engineering degree) or at least a diploma in automation. For diploma a student can become eligible after class 10th. For any technical degree like engineering the student has to attain a 10+2 degree certificate with major in subjects like Mathematics and Physics. Aspirants who want to study further can also go for higher education. For this they need to attain a post-graduation certificate. This can either be in a technical domain or a master of science. Highly passionate professionals can also pursue doctorate degrees like PhD in the field of automation.

Career in the field of Automation

Automation can undoubtedly develop as an exciting career opportunity for professionals. Looking at this it is a very lucrative career to opt for in the future. With the rise in the demand for better performance, productivity and process improvement nearly across all sections of the industry, automation firms require more Research and work as well as design for new systems. As per a forecast it is assumed that the industry will be in need of lot more technical graduates in the field of automation within the industry. As of now there are nearly 50,000 automation engineers in the industry. This demand will certainly get doubled in the next three to four years from now. Those science and technical graduates who have an aptitude for machinery, its working and its control will find innumerable opportunities in this field for themselves.

Automation Salary and Perks

The packages and salaries offered to fresh graduates in the field can vary greatly according to a company. The Indian companies offer a CTC which generally ranges between 3 to 6 lakhs. The reimbursements provided by international companies can be anywhere between 5 to 10 lakhs. The variation may also depend upon the capability of the person.

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