Mass Communications Courses in India

Introduction to Mass Communications Courses

The field of communication technology has witnessed a radical revolution and is surging ahead in technology and its prosperity as a course of study and for its job prospects. The world has become a global village and today no boundaries or barriers of distances are hindrances for communication across the world. In the field of communication, it is mass communication that has taken the world by storm and today’s technology in the field is passed on as redundant, due to the introduction of newer and more advanced technology emerges. Therefore, for a student aspiring to study Mass Communications Courses the sky is the limit as there are an array of courses to choose from and vast options for jobs.

Different Types of Mass Communications Courses

There are many branches of study in the Mass Communications Courses and each of them deal with the different aspects of the course. Many colleges and universities conduct degree courses in the field of mass communication. Apart from the Bachelors’ degree courses, the student can also enroll for Diploma or Certificate Mass Communications Courses. The certificate course are a very good enhancement programs for those already employed and want to proceed further in their career in a particular field of mass communication. Apart from these courses, the student with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications Courses can further their education in this field with a Master’s program. There are many universities in India that conduct the Master’s Program for Mass Communication.

Eligibility for Mass Communications Courses

Each of the different programs of study has its own eligibility criteria and one of the basic for the student starting out for Mass Communications Courses at the undergraduate level is that they have to be of a minimum of 17 years of age. For the degree courses, the student should have completed the 10+2 or the higher secondary course from a recognized board. The student should have scored atleast 50% marks in the Board examination and is expected to have a high level of knowledge in English. For undergraduate Bachelors degree, a pass in the entrance examination is also an essential recruitment for admission. For the post-graduation, a Bachelors degree is mandatory or admission and the degree should have been majored in any of the fields of study in the Mass Communications Courses. Most diplomas and certificate Mass Communications Courses usually required a high school certification.

How to apply for Mass Communications Courses

Application for the Mass Communications Courses can be made directly to the college or institution when they advertise their enrollment period. Some colleges and universities require the entrance examinations conducted by the Center, State or the institutions. This needs to be produced at the time of admission.

Scope/pay scale for Mass Communications Courses

A highly lucrative pay scale and job prospects awaits the student with a degree in Mass Communications Courses. There is no dearth of jobs available so the scope of jobs is very vast and the student is able to land a job as soon as the study is over. Those with a Mass Communications Courses are able to land jobs in the advertising field, entertainment industry, fashion industry, in the media in both print and digital, public relations both in the corporate as well as in the above industries.

Doctorate Mass Communications Courses in India

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