Career Options in Photography

A unique and creative medium, Photography requires not only aesthetic sense but also technical expertise. Photography has now become a profession of commercial value with the explosion of the communication network as well as the growth of advertising, media and the fashion boom along with the advent of digital photography. With the advent of technology, photography has turned out to be a lucrative field which has attracted a lot of people who are able to capture all the intricacies with a keen eye. For anyone who has an interest and aptitude to become a professional Photographer, photography has great scope as a career.

Career in Photography Eligibility

Any talented person can start his/her career soon after schooling of plus two level or first complete graduation in any subject before entering the field. There are diploma courses in photography offered by various institutes and integrated degree courses which can be completed to learn more about photography and its intricacies.

Career in Photography Required Skills

The person choosing a Career in Photography should be both creative as well as talented and have good technical knowledge. With the fast paced advancement of technology, photography is undergoing so many changes day by day and one has to be always alert to the changes and be ready to learn new things throughout one’s career. Other skills needed are

  • A creative eye and patience
  • Dedication
  • An interest in visual as well as color, light etc.
  • Attentive in not only color but also in shape as well as shadow

How to enter the field of Photography

Creativity, talent, an eye for aesthetic detail as well as composition, technical knowledge and deep rooted interest is enough to enter the field of photography. With a wide range of opportunities and fields in photography, one can easily choose a Career in Photography. Beginning as a studio assistant or an assistant photographer, one can watch and learn and gain more experience. By becoming an assistant with the Association of photographers, one can gain access to a huge network of professionals, attend workshops and seminars which will all improve the career prospects. The assistant can also make use of photographic equipment and studio to work on and develop one’s own work quietly without any disturbance.

Career in Photography Job Description

The Career Options in Photography are many and an interested person can enter either the field of a journalist, press photographer, become a fashion photographer or a portrait photographer, enter the forensic field, become an industrial or scientific photographer or be a freelancer photographer. Wildlife photography is yet another attractive field for those interested in nature and wildlife.

Career in Photography Career Prospects

The most exciting part in a Career in Photography is that the jobs range from highly specialized technical jobs to jobs that require creativity as well as visual literacy. Freelancing is preferred by many of the professional photographers as they can work independently, but should have good communication and management skills.

Career in Photography Salary

There is no fixed salary or structure in photography career. The salary increases as one steps up the ladder of promotion and a freelancer gets paid for the work done.

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