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With the advent of e-reading, publishing of books has experienced a huge overall change from “traditional slow process” to modern digital publishing of books which is done through e readers, tablets and many other apps. This has made publishing of books easier and faster. Accordingly the career options too have changed due to the transition from the traditional to the digital world. Love for books, familiarity with books and knowledge about the production process was enough for any candidate in traditional publishing of books but not enough in this digital world.


An undergraduate degree in English, History or modern languages or in Science subjects, law or medicine is necessary when taking up a career in publishing books. A post graduate degree in publishing will increase the chances of the candidate in procuring a job in the publishing industry.

Required Skills

Skills required by a Book Publisher

  • Good office skills as well as computer literacy
  • Proofreading skills and some experience in administrative work
  • Strong writing as well as analytical skills
  • Technical awareness and some creativity
  • The skill to understand multiple routes to marketing the content

How to get into book Publishing Business

An undergraduate degree in the common and simple sciences is enough for Book Publishing. In today’s digital world, a graduate in mathematics or in computer science is required as well as experience in teaching English language. The level of degree is enough for Publishing books, but a doctorate or a post graduate degree increases the chances for a better job in the publishing industry.

Pre entry vocational training in copy editing, production skills and knowledge in marketing aspects is a must.

Entry into any kind of work in any area irrespective of the size of the firm paves the way to good opportunities in the future

Working on short term contracts or temporarily working in the place of a permanent employee’s maternity leave are good opportunities for a starting as a Book Publisher.

Once in, the publisher can gain more knowledge of the industry, get to meet and talk to people, know about job opportunities within and outside the firm.

Completing at least one year in the same firm increases the chances to get better jobs in better firms as experience is also counted.

Job Description

In today’s digital book world, marketing as well as delivering the product across the wide range of digital channels, blogs, mobile web, other apps as well as through social network including downloads is necessary in the Publishing of Books. Not only starting with editorial, sales as well as production and finally marketing is what a good Book Publisher should be able to do.

Career Prospects

Career prospects have become more attractive since globalization opening markets for books abroad. The digital world too has popularized the reading of books, made it easier for the reader and meets the creative as well as material needs of the aspirants. There are a variety of careers in Books Publishing to choose from.


Though remuneration will be less in the initial stages, as one’s experience increases the remuneration stage also escalates.

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