Courses in India

Though India as a country is still in the developing stage, the educational level in India is highly developed and all the facilities needed for a holistically educational system has been well structured in order to provide a complete education to the future citizens of the country. Besides establishing universities, schools and colleges, the authorities have also developed courses that are adaptable by the students coming from different backgrounds. The courses are framed in such a way that they become compatible to the students living in various geographical locations of the country.

Some of the important Courses in India include:

Certificate Courses: The certificate Courses in India are usually short term courses that last from 3 to 6 months. They are usually specialized courses in any one aspect of a discipline.

The Diploma Courses: The diploma Courses in India are slightly more extensive than the Certificate Courses and hence a more in-depth study is required. Diploma Courses in India are generally more prominent in the fields of engineering and technology. There are many of those who take up a diploma course, study it for two years and then if they so wish it, they can make use of the lateral entry program and pursue Engineering degree courses at the end of two years of polytechnics.

The Undergraduate Courses: All Colleges in India conduct the Degree program, which is essentially the Bachelor’s Degree. The Degree is awarded by the University to which the college is affiliated with. Therefore, on completion of the course from a particular college, the student need to successfully pass the examination conducted by the university and is then declared a graduate of the university that awards the Degree. There colleges usually have a number of courses in various disciplines of study. The Bachelors degree program is usually for 3 years for general Courses in India and for Professional Courses in India, it is 4 years, however, for medicine it is four and a half years. The student can make more than one attempt to pass the examination, however, there are restrictions as to the number of attempts that can be undertaken.

The Postgraduate Courses: Generally of two years duration, the postgraduate Courses in India are a highly advanced and specialized programs in which a particular subject is studied by the student. The Postgraduate Courses in India usually follows the Bachelors program and having a postgraduate certificate has a very high value on the job market.

The Research /Doctoral Programs. In-depth study of a subject constitutes the research program Courses in India. Admission is based on test conducted on the subject of research and a postgraduate degree.

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