Software Courses in India

About the Software Courses

Software Courses are very popular these days and many aspirants are considering them their first career choice and they get various knowledge on all the topics related to the domain. In these courses various applications of software are being taught and guided. Various software languages like Java, Dot Net, C++, fire wall, computer viruses and others are the major subjects of discussion. There are theory classes and practical labs to make the participants understand the different concepts and become a subject matter expert in the domain. These courses last in the duration of 1 year to 5 years and that depends on the modules and course one has opted for. There are many colleges and universities in the country which offer various certificates, diplomas, degree and research oriented courses to attract the candidates. They offer very good infrastructure and excellent faculty member to the aspirants. They can go for the courses like B.Sc., BCA, M.Sc, MCA and research courses like PhD, M.Phil. Here they have many good options and they select from them as per their interest and requirements. This way software courses make the participants equipped with the proper knowledge, skills and attitude and enable them to face the real life challenges.

Eligibility for Software Courses

One has to be very careful in deciding about which software course will be suitable for him or her. There are various pre requisite requirements for different courses. For degree courses like BCA and others one need to carry mathematics as one of the subjects at intermediate levels .For post graduate courses it is mandatory that the students has undergone the similar graduation or in any other related fields as specified by the university or government agencies. Those who are aspiring to make their career in research field like PhD, they are first required do post graduation in the domain and then they can go for the particular specialization.

Career Option for Software Courses

Software courses open a vast opportunities and possibilities for the job seeking aspirants .They can work with various software companies ,software training providers ,colleges ,universities ,banks, government and private agencies and others .They can get the designations like software developers, software engineer, consultants, trainers ,lab in charge, lab assistant etc. Many aspirants decide to join the teaching and training domain and look for the jobs with colleges and universities. They guide and mentor the new candidates to make them industry ready to meet the market demands. They can also work as freelance consultants and can strive to get separate clients. They offer them services and in return charge fees. Hence software course are a good option if one wants to give his or her career a jump start. They offer the national and international exposure at similar level.

Salary / Pay for Software Courses

Software course offer very good salary potential also. The starting salaries can be in the range of Rs.20000 to Rs.50000 and it also increases with the experience and seniority. Many colleges offer good placement assistance to the job seeking aspirants and arrange very lucrative compensation packages.

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