Top Universities in India

It is the dream of every Indian student to pursue his higher education in any of the Top Universities in India. But only a few of them make it since getting admission in Top Universities in India is not that easy. An excellent score in the extremely tough and competitive entrance examinations is a nightmare of the aspirants.

Rankings of Top Universities

It is an unfortunate fact that none of the Top Universities in India make it to even the Top 200 Universities in the world. As per the recent rankings, a University in Punjab is the top ranked with a position in the 226-250 group. The other Universities in top 400 are the national institutes of importance ranked in the 351-400 group.

Top Universities for Professional Courses

Undoubtedly, Top Universities in India for Engineering are the national institutions for technology. Even though these are not recognised as Universities, Government of India provide aid to the colleges as well as students. Among them, the institutes in Delhi, Kanpur, Bombay and Kharagpur and a few other Universities in Vellore, Pilani etc are considered as the best. When it comes to Medicine, national institute of importance in Delhi, Medical institutes in Thiruvananthapuram, Chandigarh, Bangalore and Pondicherry are Top Universities in India. National institute of importance in Mohali, Universities in Punjab, Manipal and Mumbai are Top Universities in India for Pharmacy.

Other Top Universities

For Agricultural courses, Universities in New Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Punjab are the Top Universities in India. Research Universities in Bangalore and Mumbai aim to encourage students to involve in research in various disciplines of Science and Arts. University in Varanasi which is one of the Top Universities in India is popular for imparting quality education and variety of courses in Arts and Literature. Universities in Delhi, Punjab, Madras, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata are Top Universities in India for Arts and Science courses. These Universities impart education on global pars.

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