Interior Designing Colleges in India

Interior Designing has been extending its presence from the high class society to middle class society. The increasing awareness among the society has been increasing the demand for interior designer. It is true that the ratio of existing interior designer and the demand has lot of variation. Many aspirants are trying to utilize the increasing demand which is the reason of growing number of colleges offering the courses related.

There are around 200 colleges around India offering the Interior Designing courses providing admission for more than 5,000 students every year. The colleges include Government and Private institutions.

Major Courses offered by Interior Designing Colleges in India

There are several types of courses available in Interior Designing like Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Autonomous Diploma, Bachelor Degree and Master’s Degree. The courses are also offered with few specializations like Building Design, Product Designing, Communication Designing etc. The duration of the courses vary as per the course and offering college.


Passing in 10+2 from a recognized University is the minimum educational qualification for many of the Diploma and Certificate Courses. Passing 10+2 with minimum 50% of marks with Mathematics/Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English, is the educational eligibility for many of the Graduation Courses. Few of the courses include admission test during admission procedure. Holding Bachelor Degree is the eligibility for the Master’s Degree. The duration of the courses vary from courses to course and college to college.

Importance of Colleges

The Interior Designing Colleges and Institutes of India have succeeded to get fame throughout the world for their quality of education. Several Colleges and Institutions of India accept the admissions of international students along with Indian Candidates. These colleges get updated regularly with the contemporary sophisticated technologies of the field.

Career Options in Interior Designing

Interior Designers have opportunities in Architectural Firms, Public Works Departments, Hotels, Resort Chains, Town Planning Bureaus, Studios, Construction Companies, Theatres, Development Works, and Hospitals etc. The roles can be Creative Director, Consultant etc. Teaching in related colleges, journalism on the related areas, Independent Consulting Firm are the other options.

All type of job roles guarantees minimum Rs.8000/- pay per month initially for a graduate of Interior Designing. The career holds quick growth and the innovative talented people gain quick recognition with good pay package.

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