Architecture Colleges in India

Architecture education is the study about the different construction aspects of physical structures. Plan, design and construction are the basic works of the discipline. Architecture includes micro and macro levels of designing i.e., from urban designing as well as the construction designs of houses. Being the technological and scientific field, the stream also involves arts as well as science and technology. The knowledge of historical developments in the field and Information Technology are also the requisites to the modern architects.

Major Courses offered by Architecture Colleges in India

Diploma, Graduation and Post Graduation are the basic courses of the stream. There are several interdisciplinary courses like regional planning, construction management, interior designing, construction technology, residential space designing and management, industrial design, landscape architecture etc.

Most of the major courses are offered with specializations in any of the inter-disciplinary courses. Several Diploma, Foundation Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma programs are also offered in few of the inter disciplines. These courses help to develop the artistic skills in designing and to attain the knowledge of techniques. Few of the courses are available in distance mode also.


The Council of Architecture conducts the entrance test for the admission in B. Arch. i.e., National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA). NATA score is considered for the admission in reputed colleges like IITs, NITs etc. The course is usually of 5 years.

For Master’s degree, graduation in Archeology is the requisite. The admission procedure includes entrance examination. For the doctoral program admission, one has to score better score in the entrance test to which the Master’s degree is the eligibility.

Career Options In Architecture

The architects can find the opportunities in Architecture and Building Development Companies, Construction companies, Public works departments, Housing and Urban Development Corporations, National Institutes of Urban Affairs, National Building Organization, Railways, Educational institutes, Publishing companies or media etc.

Designing Architect, Project Architect, Architectural Technician, Building Inspector/ Control Officer, Architectural Engineer, are the usual job titles. In media or publishing houses, the architects may work like Architectural critic, Architectural photographer etc are the job roles. The higher degree like Master’s degree or Ph.D. is the eligibility for being Lecturer or Professor in related colleges.

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