Ayurveda Colleges in India

Ayurveda is part of the Indian Heritage and Culture. The word is derived from Sanskrit meaning ‘the knowledge of life’. As the course includes natural remedies and medication, the side effects are found hardly. The world has recognized Ayurveda and many of the students of other countries come to India to learn the course. Parts of trees, herbs and oils take major part of medicines. The alternative medicine practice has been offered by several colleges of India providing admission to hundreds of students per year.

Major Courses Offered by Ayurveda Colleges in India

Bachelor Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery, Master of Business Management in Ayurveda Pharmacy, Doctor of Medicine, Master of Surgery, Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy are the major popular courses. Several specializations are offered in Doctor of Medicine, Master of Surgery and in Master of Philosophy such as Agadtantra, Dravya Guna, Kaumara, Panchakarma, Prasuti Tantra and Stri Roga and Rasa Shastra.

Apart from these regular courses, several other Certificate, Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma Courses are offered in the specializations. The duration of the courses vary as per the course and the offering College / University.

Eligibility for Ayurveda Colleges in India

Passing in 10+2 is the minimum educational requirement for many of the Certificate, Diploma and Graduation programs. The admission process include entrance test for all of the regular programs. For Master’s degree, holding relevant Bachelor Degree and for Doctoral Degree, holding relevant Master’s Degree is the minimum educational requirement.

Career Options in Ayurveda

The major opportunities are found in Ayurvedic Hospitals and Clinics, Ayurvedic Colleges, Ayurvedic Research Centers, Healthcare Communities, Insurance, Pharmacy Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies and in Life Science Industries.

The job roles depend on the educational qualification and the experience. Pharmacist, Product Manager, Doctor, Business Development Officer, Research Associate, Chemist/ Bio Chemist, Professor etc are the major titles. One can also have his / her own clinic or pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Company.

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