List Of Religious Festivals 2024

What are Religious Festivals?

Religious Festivals are those festivals which are celebrated every year on recycle basis by everybody who belongs to a particular religion. There are more than 100 religious festivals occurring during each year or may re occur in lunar calendar on recurring cycles. Every religion has its important festivals which are celebrated during the year.

Types of Religious Festivals

  • Ancient Roman Religious Festivals include Ludi, Floralia and Saturnalia where Ludi Floralia is celebrated with the help of set of games along with theatrical presentations in the month of April. Saturnalia was public festival celebrated in Rome in the month of December.
  • Buddhist Religious Festivals include Asalha puja which is celebrated in the month of July. On this special day all the teachings of Buddha is celebrated. It also include Kathina day in which all the monks who are entitled to receive robes are donated on this special day. Apart from that it also includes Vassa, pavarana along with Magha puja and Vesakha puja.
  • Christian Religious Festivals include Christmas and Easter as their main festivals where in the earlier they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and later they celebrate the anniversary of his Resurrection. Christianity also forms the part in Judaism where it has some basic traditions of this Religion and also celebrates their festivals.
  • Hindu Religious Festivals includes the main festivals of Diwali, Dussheraa, Pongal, Holi, Navratri, Ganesh chaturathi, raksha bandhan along with Krishna janmashtami, onam and Shivratri.
  • Islamic Religious Festivals includes their 2 main festivals Eid-ul-Adha and Eid-ul-Fitr.
  • Jewish Religious Festivals includes Torah day which is based on the religious books of Judaism. Along with that they celebrate the other festivals like rabbis and Fast days.
  • Sikh Religious Festivals includes Guru Nanak jayanti and Guru Gobind jayanti along with Vaishaki as their main Festivals. Along with that they celebrate the other festivals of Hindu like Diwali and Holi.

Thus Religious Festivals are very important because it is the special time for every religion that everybody feel that his religion has special importance and they used to celebrate all their religious festivals throughout the year.

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