Durga Puja begins (Maha Saptami) Festival 2024

Beginning of the Durga Puja

Durga puja is the festival which is celebrated by most of the people living in different state. It is the 6 days festival which is known as mahalya and maha Saptami. The Puja during these days include Maha Saptami, Maha Astami including maha navami. Maha saptami is the first day of Durga puja. During this period of Maha Saptami people used to worship 9types of plants. They are worshipped, the symbol of goddess. This puja start and ends with goat sacrificing and then bhog is offered to the goddess. In the evening people used to starts Sandhyaarti with other people.

Main significance of Durga Puja (Maha Saptami)

This day has the great significance on the followers as they are indulged in keeping fast for these days along with praying part which they considered best in this time. Maha Saptami is also known as 7 day during nine days, and also referred as first day of puja during 9 days. In Maha Saptami Kola Bow is given pre-dawn bath which is considered as the ancient ritual in which followers have to worship 9 types of plants which is closely related to nine aspects in worshipping goddess Durga.

On this great day people get up early in the morning and proceed this day by tieing the yellow thread around nine times in the twigs of the Aparijita plant and then this plant is taken to bath . This plant is comparable to king, as king took bath into the river same way plant needs to be bathed.

Celebration of Durga Puja (Maha Saptami)

On this great day, tree is dressed same as the dress of Goddess Durga in yellow silk cloth with red border. The tress is referred as Goddess Durga which is carried by the priest for the procession of Durga Puja. This plant is kept in the Pandal where the idol of Durga resides along with the idol of Lord Ganesha. People starts this puja by Aarti along with chanting of mantras and other devotional songs. At last Bhog is offered to Goddess Durga and same is offered as Prasad to all people.

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