Raksha-Bandhan Festival 2024

What is Raksha Bandhan Festival?

Raksha Bandhan is the festival which is celebrated only in India. This festival is usually celebrated on the relationship between brother and sisters. This festival is also known as Rakhi which is also celebrated in almost every part of India. On this great day sister used to tied a holy tread on the wrist of his brother and brother in return promises to save his sister from all evils. This day is celebrated on the full moon day of Hindu month. By the word Raksha it means that this festival is celebrated on the brothers part to protect his sisters from all troubles during lifetime.

History and Celebration of Raksha Bandhan Festival

History of Raksha Bandhan Festival

Although there are many legend related to the history of Raksha Bandhan, but of the story which is related to Raksha Bandhan is that draupadi the wife of pandava had torn a strip from her sari and tied it around the wrist of Lord Krishna to stop the bleeding, at that moment Krishna was touched by that particular action and then he declared Draupadi as his sister and promises to save her lifetime. He even saved draupadi from Cheer-haran when she was lost in gambling by yudhisthira and dhristrasthra. Krishna on return tied to save her by extending her sari.

So now in today scenario this day is celebrated as the auspicious day when both brother along with sister promises to save and protect them from harm,troubles and evils.

How Raksha Bandhan Festival is celebrated?

Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of relationship between Brother and Sister, in other words we can say that it is the celebration on the bond of affections between brothers and sisters. It is the day when the sister tied a thread on the wrist of her Brother and prays for his wealth and happiness and in return, brother used to give her gift the form money or form of clothes. Brother and sister will also exchange sweets to one another after rakhi and promises to protect his sister from harms along with troubles. The sweets which are found common on this day are jalebi, kajukatli along with burfi. This festival is also means as the bond of protection.

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