Nag Panchami Festival 2024

What is Nag Panchami?

Nag Panchami is the famous Hindu festival of snakes which is celebrated on the fifth day of the amayasa. On this great day snake is worshipped and it has a special importance of being Sheshanaga of the Lord Vishnu. This festival is celebrated every year in order to give respect and honor to snakes.

History and Celebration of this great festival Nag Panchami

History of Nag Panchami

There are many legend associated behind this festival. One of the story related to this festival is that a farmer while tilling his land, killed many serpents accidently. Their mother took the revenge by killing and biting the farmer along with his family. From that family all members were killed except his daughter who always prays to Nags. So this day is celebrated as Nag Panchami where it is believed that on this day snake is worshipped, so that he will never bite anyone in the family.

The legend related to this festival is that one day lord Krishna is playing with the balls with cowboys near Yamuna River. On playing the ball, it gets entangled in the tree. When the lord Krishna climbed up to tree to get the ball, he fell down in the river where a snake named Kaliya lived. When Krishna fell down into the water, snake was angry with him. On the other hand Lord Krishna started jumping on his head and then snake said sorry to Lord Krishna. So this day is also celebrated as Victory Day when the lord Krishna has got victory over snake.

How Nag Panchami is celebrated?

On this Great Day, snake is worshipped which took place in the month of August and September. It is believed that this festival is celebrated in the month of Rainy season. Shiva temples along with snake temples are crowded with people on this day. According to this Hindu mythology snake is worshipped because they act as a protecting mode for crops which may get damaged by the rats. On this great day snakes are offered Milk along with silver jewellery.

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