Vasant Panchami / Saraswati Puja Festival 2024

What is Vasant Panchami Festival?

Vasant Panchami is the festival celebrated which is celebrated for goddess saraswati which is considered for education, art and learning. This festival is celebrated on the 5th day of the Magh which is considered as Indian month. On this great day children are taught to write the words. The education institutions organize the prayer especially for Saraswati. In this festival yellow color plays the important role and people used to wear yellow clothes. Even the goddess Saraswati is also dressed in yellow and sweets are also prepared in yellow color. Children love to play and love to fly kites on this festival.

History of Vasant Panchami Festival

The history of Vasant Panchami is related to lordess Saraswati concerned to her holy rituals which are performed on the banks of the river. She was known for its activities in the related field of hymn composition along with the invention of Sanskrit language. She was also known as goddess of speech. On this great festival children are taught to write the first word. Apart from this, vasant panchami day marks the beginning of the school of the student because of excellent weather. In ancient people used to leave their belongings and lives likes a brahmachari life

How Vasant Panchami Festival is celebrated?

Vasant Panchami is celebrated with full grace. It is the festival which is dedicated to goddess Saraswati known for its learning and art. Panchami is also known as saraswati day. On this special day Hindu perform many activities in the temples. People used to give importance to yellow color and lordess saraswati is also dressed in yellow garments. People used to feed Brahmans on this day. Along with lordess Sarawati Kamdev is also worshipped, as it is known as god of love. On this day people used to keep notebooks, pen and pencils at Devi, s feet for blessing. Children used to fly kites on this day and they have competitions in which one string used to cut the other spring. This festival is celebrated by every people. Bengali used to dressed in traditional Kurtas while women dressed in yellow sarees.

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