Ramanavami Festival 2024

What is Ram Navmi Festival?

Ram Navmi is the Hindu festival which is celebrated on the birth of Lord Rama who is the first son of King Dashrath. When Lord Rama was born, the whole Ayodhya received the joyful moment as the dream of King come true. King Dashrath is having three wives but they don’t have any children at all. Then king perform yagya and then gives Prasad to all his wives after some days they are all are blessed with baby boy on the last day of navmi in Vedic calendar, in which Lord Rama is the elder son in the family.

History and celebration of Ram Navmi Festival

History of Ram Navmi Festival

The legend related with this festival is related to Lord Rama who has been born in the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and come down to earth in this form to kill Ravana. Lord Brahma is receiving many complaints from all gods related to Ravana who is irritating many people on earth. So Lord Brahma could not kill Ravana itself as he himself has granted many boons to Ravana. Lord Vishnu then agreed to go to earth in the form of Prince Ram who is the son of Dashrath and Kaushalaya.

Celebration of Ram Navmi Festival

This festival is related with the celebration of the birth of Lord Rama. On this great day people used to keep fast because they had a belief that those who don’t keep fast they go to hell directly. People also believed that on this great day if any one wishes for his best, lord Rama will fulfills his or her wish on this great day. On this special day temples are decorated and the images of Lord Rama is adorned. People used to offer flowers along with fruits to God.

People also used to engage themselves in Satangs and any other gatherings which are organized to celebrate the birth of Lord Rama. People used to take part in various gatherings. During these days they also go for fasting for 9 days and after this festival had their fruits along with Prasad.

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