Magha Bihu Festival 2024

What is Magha Bihu?

Magha Bihu is the festival celebrated in the Assam. This festival is also known as harvest festival which refers to the end of this season. This festival is celebrated by the bonfires and feasts. Many people usually young people used to build huts from the bamboo leaves along with thatch. In those bamboo huts they used to eat the food which they had prepared from for feast. On next day they used to burn the hut next morning. They also celebrate this festival with the help of buffalo fighting and pot breaking activity. This festival is also known as Makarsankranti.

History of Magha Bihu

The History of Magha Bihu includes the cultivation of Bihu at different stage which includes mainly three crops biasakh, Kati and Bihu. This bihu usually takes place on the Sankranti day when the sun moves from topic of cancer to topic to Capricorn or moving from one zodiac sigh to other. Bahag Bihu starts on the last day in the month of Chaitra. On the first day bulls along with calves are washed with turmeric paste and then tired them with new ropes. Second day is the day for all women, men and children as on this day people used to wear new clothes and on this day old differences and quarrel are settled.

How Magha Bihu is celebrated?

Magha Bihu is celebrated in Assam which is related to fire. This day has the great significance as it marks the end of the harvest season and women get ready for the next day in which they used to prepare snacks along with curd and chila. On this special day many activities are carried on. Starting with the dancing, women used to dance on every beat of the Dhol. On this special day people used to wear traditional dresses like dhoti, chadar and ghamocha.

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