Navaratri begins Festival 2024

What is Navratri Begins?

Navaratri is the festival which is celebrated for nine days in the spring and autumn season. This festival is celebrated twice a year, firstly it falls in the month of March and secondly in the October. During this period people used to keep fast and worship Laxmi, Durga and Saraswati.

History and Celebration of Navratri festival

There are many legends related to Navratri festival, one of the legend is related to lord Rama who has worshipped goddess durga while going to Lanka to release Sita. The period goes for 9 days and on the tenth day, lord ram killed Ravana which is also known as Vijay dashmi.

Another legend related this period is with Kshatriya who has debarred themselves from war activity during Monsoon season. After ending the Monsoon season, again they start up their war activity. So during the period when they don’t carry their activity used to worship Goddess durga for nine days.

How Navratri is Celebrated

Navratri is the famous Hindu festival which is celebrated with full devotion, rituals and customs. This festival is celebrated by every religion. In Bengal people used to celebrate this festival by worship huge idols of durga and used to perform devotional sons along with dance and other activities for nine days ,when the idols of durga is placed in the streets in Tambo which is fully decorated and on the last day her idols are immersed in water. That day they used to dance and perform other activities.

In Gurjat people used to celebrated this festival by doing Garbha and dandiya which is the famous dance during this period. In Maharashtra people used to celebrated this festival for nine days and on the tenth day they used to worship goddess Saraswati on this period where the school-going children also used to pray her to give blessing on them.

In Kerala people used to begin their education for their children who are 3 to 5 during this period. People on these days used to take dip in the holy pond to free from their bad evils. People also visit many temples during this period.

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