Kali Puja Festival 2024

What is Kali Puja Festival?

Kali Puja is the festival of Bengal which is celebrated for Maa Durga who is usually seen with her feet on the chest of Lord Shiva. Maa Durga symbolizes the dark side of life and also used to signify Shakti who is also known as strength. Kali puja is conducted in the night of Amavasya in the month of October and November. This day is also celebrated as the day of shyama kali which is known as the first avatar of Devi durga. Kali puja is conducted in order to destroy all evils which lie outside the world.

History and Celebration of Kali Puja Festival

History of Kali Puja Festival

Kali Puja is held in the month of Kartik on the night of new moon in Bengali. The order to worship kali is given by the Maharaja Krishnan Chandara who was only in image itself. This kali is used in the form of Shakti, in black magic also used by the person. The legend is related to that this Maa kali was known as the goddess for dacoits but in the same platform middle class people also worship goddess kali.

The next legend related to this kali pujan is that the demon named Shambu and Nishambu posed challenge against Lord Indra. He wants some protection from goddess Durga, at this moment goddess kali was born from Durga forehead to save the heaven and earth.

Celebration of Kali Puja Festival

Kali puja is the festival of Bengal which is celebrated by the most of the Bengalis. As in Diwali people use to worship Goddess laxmi, then in Diwali people of Bengal use to worship Goddess kali. Kali puja is conducted on the nights of Amayasya and it always coincides the date with Diwali. The well known picture of this Maa kali was always seen with her tongue out, in such case when he step on to Lord Shiva chest.

This festival is usually celebrated like Diwali in Bengal by lighting of lamps along with decoration part in their homes by putting Rangoli in front of their courtyard and houses.

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