Womens Education in India

What is Women’s studies education?

Women’s studies deal with the issues pertinent to women’s. Development issues, perspective of the society towards women’s around the country and the world, gender concepts and gender bias, human rights related to women’s, women’s issues over the world, political issues or women’s in politics, female children issues like female feticide, child marriage and dowry; and law and the women’s are few of the areas concerned during the study.

What are the educational programs offered in Women’s studies?

The available programs are:

  • Certificate course in Women’s Studies
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Women’s Studies
  • Bachelor Degree in Women’s Studies
  • Master’s Degree in Women’s Studies
  • M. Phil. in Women’s Studies
  • Ph.D. (Women’s Studies)

Many courses include project works that assist to comprehend the practical situations. These courses help not only to attain the employment opportunities but also in many other areas in the practical world.

Why to choose Women’s Studies?

There are various reasons to declare for choosing women’s studies as career. Few of them are:

  • Provides opportunity to choose a distinctive career option, which allows to help the needed in the society
  • For those who feel social responsibility, the courses help them to understand the problems in a better way and at the same time, the possible solutions of the problems in the history.
  • Elaborates the vision of understanding the practical situations
  • Develops social, intellectual and organizational skills
  • Provides ample employment opportunities in different areas
  • Suits better to the feminists and of course to the others who are interested in the area

What is the right time to take the courses?

Due to the importance of the knowledge in the studies, all the programs offered in the area allow students of different areas like humanities or social sciences to take up the programs.

The eligibility criterion to a Bachelor degree in women’s studies is passing in 10+2 or equivalent. The three years course may include entrance test for the admission in few of the colleges.

The eligibility for the Master’s degree is a Bachelor degree in women’s studies or in any subject of the art stream. Few colleges may include entrance test and interview in the admission procedure.

For M.Phil. and Ph.D., Master’s Degree in Humanities, including languages, and Social Sciences are eligible.

For certificate courses, passing in 10+2 is the required educational qualification.

Post Graduate Diploma seeks either Certificate course in women’s studies or any graduation from any faculty. The Diploma course from many colleges includes project work.

What after a degree in women’s studies?

The opportunities to the degree in women’s studies holders are found in teaching, NGOs, Government organizations, media, social organizations, development agencies, research institutes etc.

Teachers, Lecturers and Professors are the major roles of the fields. Teachers are recruited for the subject Social Science. Besides Graduation, B.Ed. and passing in TET or CTET are the requirements for the School teacher. Post graduation as well as passing in the National Eligibility Test (NET) is the requirement for attaining lectureship. Passing in NET with good score also provides the chance to gain the Fellowship. Ph.D. holders are recruited as Associate Professors, Professors, Readers and Registrars.

Being Coordinators, Research Assistants, program officer or Research Officers in NGOs, development agencies, Government or social organizations is one of the major options of the aspirants of the stream.

Working with mass media is another good option to work that is pertinent to the studies. Writing for News paper, magazines are the major roles. Writing for online magazines or websites is the latest update of journalism. Working for news channels or conducting awareness shows in television industry are also few of the opportunities.

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