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Urdu courses and career options

Urdu is spoken by around 140 million speakers including native and non-native speakers over the world. The language is spoken in Pakistan and India. The language is given official status in Pakistan and few states of India like Telangana, Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir.

Courses offered and academic eligibility for Urdu Courses

  • Urdu correspondence course : the one year course needs no specific qualification but the knowledge of Hindi or English
  • Certificate course in Urdu: Passing in School secondary Board examination
  • Diploma in Urdu Language: Passing in 10+2 from a recognized board
  • Diploma course in Urdu Journalism: a bachelor degree in any discipline with the knowledge of Urdu
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Urdu Mass Media: A Diploma in Urdu or equivalent
  • B.A. (Urdu Literature/ Oriental Language): Passing in 10+2 from a recognized board
  • M.A. (Urdu): A Bachelor degree in the language or equivalent
  • Language Pandit: A Bachelor or Master degree in the language or equivalent
  • M.Phil. in Urdu: Master degree in the language or equivalent
  • Ph.D. in Urdu: Master degree in the language or equivalent

For some of the programs like M.Phil. and Ph.D. the admission procedure involves entrance test.

Career prospect and expected salary for for Urdu Courses

The language provides number of opportunities for the enthusiasts. Teaching institutes, print media, film and television industries are few of the major fields in which the openings are found for the language experts.

Teaching profession: Teacher, lecturer, Assistant Professor and Professor are the major occupations of the field. For being a teacher, the candidate must possess a bachelor degree in the language besides the bachelor degree in education or equivalent. Teacher Eligibility Test (TET/CTET) is an eligibility test for being qualified as a teacher. Though few of the private organizations recruit the teachers who didn’t qualify TET or CTET, the graduate teachers seeking jobs in Government bodies in teaching positions must qualify the exam. National Eligibility Test (NET) is the test for getting eligibility for lectureship and also for getting an opportunity for the fellowship grant.

The average salary range starts with Rs. 5000/- and above for a fresh private teacher and Rs.9000/- and above for a government teacher. The average salary for a private lecturer starts from Rs. 8000/- and above and Rs.15,000/- and above for a government lecturer .

Print media: Article writer, columnist, Journalist, novelist, story writer, Editor, Poet, translator etc are the major roles of the field. Newspapers, magazines, publishing companies are few of the work providing areas. Innovativeness, weaving words according to the article in a contemporary style, grabbing attraction of the readers are the major attributes for being in the field. Journalism or creative writing courses help one for getting better opportunities. Many writing chances are also found in e-companies. Online magazines, online papers, online translating companies and websites require content writers and translators. Permanent recruitments and most of the times freelance works are offered, which are either online or offline.

The salary range starts from Rs.5000/- and above depending on the popularity of the news paper or magazine and the job role.

Film and Television industry: Script writer, story writer, lyricist, content creator etc are the major roles of language experts. The qualification is least bothered and the end work is a major issue. The style of the work must always be updated according to the contemporary styles. New comers as well as the experienced or popular writers have equal prospects depending on the skills and talent.

The payment in the field ranges from Rs. 5000/- and above. The earning depends on the opportunities. Fixed income can be guaranteed for the permanent recruiters and high income sources for the skilled individuals.

Thus the language provides great number of opportunities that could compete with the opportunities in the scientific fields.

Postgraduate (PG) Urdu Courses in India

Postgraduate (PG) Diploma Urdu Courses in India

Diploma Urdu Courses in India

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