Portuguese Courses in India

Portuguese Language Courses and Career Options

Portuguese Language is spoken by around 350 million speakers including native and non-native speakers over the world. Being one of the Romance Languages, the language is spoken in Portugal, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde and Mozambique. It is the only official language of these countries. The language is given co-official language status in East Timor and in Macau of China. The speakers of the language are even in Goa and Diu and Daman of India, and in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

Portuguese is found as the fifth most spoken languages of the world and the third most spoken language in Europe. The language influenced few of the Indian languages namely Malayalam, Hindi and Marathi. These languages have borrowed many words from Portuguese. The trading relation between Portugal and India are very prospective that several items like heavy machinery equipment is exported to India and gems, tobacco, tea and coffee, spices footwear, leather etc. are imported. This increased the rapport with Portuguese among the Indians that many pay interest to learn the language.

Courses offered and their academic eligibility for Portuguese Courses

Many universities and institutes are offering the courses in the language. The nomenclature of the programs may differ but remain common in their nature. Few of the general courses are:

  • Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese I(A1): passing in 10 + 2
  • Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese II (A2): Passing in 10+2 and passing the A1 certificate course
  • Diploma of Proficiency in Portuguese(B1): Passing in 10+2 and passing the A2 certificate course or equivalent
  • Advanced Diploma of Proficiency in Portuguese (B2): Passing in 10+2 and passing the B1 Diploma course or equivalent
  • M.A. in Portuguese: passing in the graduation as Portuguese as a subject
  • M.Phil. in Portuguese: passing in post graduation in Portuguese
  • Ph.D. in Portuguese: passing in post graduation in Portuguese

Career Prospects for Portuguese Language Courses

Teaching, translation and customer servicing are the few of the fields that offer opportunities in the language.

Teaching: For being instructor or teacher of the language, one need to have at least Advanced Diploma in the language and Post Graduation is preferable. As only few institutions or organizations are offering the course, teaching the language is least preferred by many. Few online websites are also offering the language courses and recruit the experts as instructors or content developers of the language.

Translation: This is one of the most chosen areas by the aspirants as career option. There are several opportunities for Portuguese to English or Hindi translations and vice-versa. Diploma or Advanced Diploma is the required qualification. Many servicing companies recruit the language experts for translating books, magazines or newspapers. Apart from them visa, recommendation letters, passports, medical records, financial records, academic transcripts etc are also get translated. Several opportunities are also found in online servicing companies. These jobs can also be chosen as part time.

Customer Services: Few BPO companies are offering opportunities for thelanguage experts. These servicing companies offer voice based or non voice based job roles to these experts.

Pay / Salary for Portuguese Language Courses

The pay range starts from Rs. 5000/- per month. The higher qualification, experience and expertise bring better opportunities and higher pay.

The language offer handsome opportunities to the enthusiasts and is getting more popular day by day.

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