Fine Arts Courses in India

Fine arts courses and career options

Fine arts are the arts that deal with the passion of a person. Painting, Drawing, Textile Designing, Pottery, Theatre, Photography, Designing, Sculpture etc. are considered as Fine Arts. The advancement in the technology has contributed few others in fine arts like computer graphics and 3D animation. The one who gets expertise in any of the fine arts can be called an artist.

Courses available in Fine Arts

There are several courses offered in fine arts.

  • Certificate courses
  • Diploma Courses
  • Graduation courses
  • Post Graduation Courses
  • M.Phil. Courses
  • Ph.D. Courses

The above are the major courses offered by different universities and institutes. Though nomenclature of the programs differs, the core content of the courses remains same.

Most of the institutes offer the above courses in any of the streams that come under fine arts. Yet, few institutes offer the courses that cover more than one performing art. Many institutes offer the courses in regular, part-time and distance modes. Even several online courses are available for those who would like to learn from abroad.

Eligibility for Fine Arts Courses

Certificate courses: The eligibility criterion to the certificate courses is passing in 10th or equivalent. Few institutes admit the candidates through the admission test.

Diploma courses: Passing in 10+2 is the basic academic eligibility for the diploma courses. Few institutes admit the candidates through the admission test.

Graduation courses: For B.A. in any of the fine arts, the eligibility is passing in 10+2.

Post graduation courses: For M.A. in any of the fine arts, the eligibility is graduation in the relevant art form or equivalent.

M.Phil: Post graduation in the related art form is the academic eligibility for the course. The admission is through the entrance test.

Ph.D.: Just like M.phil., Post graduation in the related art form is the academic eligibility for the doctoral program. The admission is through the entrance test.

Career prospects in Fine Arts Courses

Fine arts offer creative and the enthusiasm for a distinctive career. Photo studios, theatres, museums, art institute, television, film Industry, publishing companies, Software and advertising companies, teaching organizations and institutes are few of the fields that offer opportunities to the qualified fine arts students. Few of the job titles are:

  • Instructor
  • Artist
  • Art Director
  • Art Studio Assistant
  • Art Appraiser
  • Curator
  • Photographer
  • Technical Director
  • Designer
  • Instructor
  • Teacher, etc.

Teaching field: Instructor, teacher, lecturer and professor are the major job roles of the field. The opportunities are found in schools, related colleges and institutes of government and non government organizations. Many earn through private teaching to the individuals. Ph.D. holders are recruited as professors.

Film and television industry and advertising companies: These industries provide maximum scope to the fine arts candidates. Every aspect of the industries offers opportunities for the skilled and experts of the fields. Multi skilled are the most preferred.

Many of the artists prefer to be a freelancer or self-employed. Selling their art works or accepting the projects individually are preferred.

Pay in Fine Arts Courses

The innovative thinking capability and artistic skills are rather important issues besides the qualification for higher payments. The skilled and updated artists are always offered handsome pay. The government jobs or fixed payments range from Rs. 6000/- per month and above.

Fine arts courses offer distinctive career options that make a glorious path to the bright future.

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