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English courses and Career options

English is recognized as International language for being official language of 54 countries and 27 non-sovereign entities. The language has nearly 2500 million speakers which include native and non-native speakers over the world. The language has influenced the world that it is the official corresponding language of many countries like India where English language is not a native language.

The language is the major medium of studies for technological advancement like computers. With a wide range of vocabulary and complex spelling structure, the language has the kinship with many other languages like German and Dutch.

Courses available

Several Universities, Colleges, organizations and institutions are offering English learning programs. Few of them are short term and few other are long term courses. There are few other courses which aim a particular area like Spoken English Courses, Technical English and Business English. Few of the courses are offered in distant mode also.

The usual courses offered by the universities are:

  • Certificate courses in English (Functional English/Communicative English/Spoken English/Business English/Technical Writing in English/ English Language Teaching)
  • Diploma course in English(Creative Writing in English/ Functional English/ English Language Teaching)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in English (Functional English/ English/ English Language Teaching)
  • Bachelor of Arts in English Literature
  • Bachelor of Arts (Communicative English/ Functional English/ Vocational English)
  • Bachelor of Science in English
  • Master Degree in Arts in English Literature
  • M.phil. in English Literature
  • Ph.D. in English

Eligibility for English Courses

The eligibility for the certificate courses is passing in 10 and few colleges require 10+2, for the Diploma courses is passing in 10+2 with English as a language, For the Graduation also the eligibility is passing in 10+2 with English as a language and for Post Graduation either Graduation in English literature or any other degree from any recognized university with English as a language is the academic eligibility.

For M.Phil. and Ph.D., Post Graduation in English Literature is the academic requirement. The admission process for these courses includes an entrance test.

Career Prospect for English Courses

The language provides wide range of employment opportunities in different fields.

The job titles are

  • Teacher/ Lecturer/Assistant professor/Professor/Instructor/ Tutor
  • Novelist/Poet/Dramatist/short story writer/article writer
  • Editor/journalist
  • Lyricist/ Story writer/script writer
  • Online content writer
  • Translator
  • Technical writer

Teaching: It is one of the best fields for the language experts that also help working on passion like writing works etc. For being a primary teacher either Certificate or Diploma in English Language Teaching is necessary besides passing in 10+2. Bachelor of Education with English as one of the methodologies and Graduation or Post Graduation is the eligibility for the Secondary School Teacher. Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) or Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) is compulsory to be cleared for many of the Government and Private schools. For Lectureship, Post Graduation and clearing National Eligibility Test (NET) is necessary. The higher qualifications like M.Phil. or Ph.D. enables to attain better opportunities like Assistant Professor, Professor etc. One can be either instructor or tutor.

Writing works: one can be a novelist, lyricist, poet, article writer, online article writer, translator etc. Besides the graduation or post graduation in the language, attaining a Diploma in Creative Writing, which is not a compulsion for talented, help to bring out better works. Writing articles for magazines or being a journalist or editor is also a prospective choice. Apart from working in publishing companies or magazines or news papers, one can also try film or television industry and can be lyricist or story writer or script writer according to their talent. One can even be a freelance writer.

Corporate companies: Technical writer and online content writer are few of the opportunities found in corporate companies. One who is good with communication skills can join in BPO as Customer care executive or voice executive.

The language has been involved in Indians that it doesn’t seem to be a foreign language anymore and is used equally along with the mother tongue.

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