Career Options in Drawing And Painting

A picture is the visualization of an idea. It is the primeval communication system descended from the primitive man. Drawing and Painting don’t stick up with the conventional paintings on canvas but are expanded in different styles like painting on pottery, on glass, on fabric etc. They remain as hobby for many but few admirers choose them as profession. The art has equal participation in the advancement of technology. The sections like 3D Animation provide a great prospect to the fanatics to get pulled towards the profession.

In the present days, there is a lot of competition in the field. Thus, the new courses are also been introduced to reinforce the qualities of the artists to meet the requiring standards.

Courses in Drawing in Painting:

The Graduation courses are B.F.A. (Bachelor in Fine Arts), B.A., B.Tech. The eligibility is passing in 10+2. The Post Graduation Courses are M.F.A., M.A., M.Tech. The eligibility is passing in the related Graduation.

Several Certifications and Diploma Courses are offered along with the standard Degrees.

Few Colleges those are offering the courses are: Delhi College of Arts, Amity School of Fine Arts of Noida, Amrita College of Arts and Science, Andhra University college of Arts & Commerce etc.

Scope of Career:

There are several positions offered even for an amateur and for an experienced expert. The fields offering the opportunities are:

Teaching, Print media, Advertising, Textile designing, Graphic Designing, Forensic Service etc.

Teaching field includes teaching in schools, instructing in institutes or being lecturers or professors in the colleges. There are equal opportunities in both the Government and Private Colleges and Schools. Graduation or Post-Graduation is the eligibility. The pay ranges in 5,000 to 50,000.

In Print Media, Comic artist in News paper, Comic book artist or Design Director in Book Publishing are the chief roles. Along with the educational qualification, Knowledge of contemporary art forms and computers is must. The pay ranges in 10,000 to 75,000.

Advertising companies offer roles such as Art Director, Creative Director etc. The same kinds of roles are available in Television and in Film Industries. Graphic Designing is the most emergent work with a great potential of earnings. Animator and Graphic Artist Designing etc. are the titles of the roles. The lead opportunities are again in Television, Advertising and Film Industries and even in few corporate houses. All these fields require a course in Art as well as expertise in contemporary forms of art with creativity and innovativeness. Computer knowledge is must.

Textile designing is the alternative choice of the talented which has the good potential of opportunities. The payment as well as growth in the career is attractive.

Many detective companies and other crime investigating departments choose the qualified artists to support them portraying the rough sketches of suspicious people with the help of the descriptions of eyewitness.

Along with the above, the self-employment is another best option. Tattoo designing, Glass painting, pot painting, conventional canvas painting are few of the selections. Tattoo parlors are the emerging bodies and creating the new trends. The artists can either be employed or shall initiate own parlor with the requisite training in the stream. Glass, pot or fabric painting are the most suitable works for freelancing. There is a great demand for such works and sometimes the freelancers get even bulk orders. Now –a –day’s internet is helping to widen the business.

Conducting art exhibitions or Galleries and selling the art pieces is a common practice with artists. They are the feast for eyes of aficionadas.

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