Career Options in Dance and Singing

The passion towards arts like dance and singing remains as secondary career option for many. Only few confident people choose it as a main line of earning. There are certainly good opportunities for the talented in several fields to make a bright future.

How to attain a qualification?

Though many aspirants try to flourish without the base of a qualification, it is mandatory to obtain a certificate or a degree in the relevant stream to get professionalized. Many universities offer different programs in dance and singing like Banaras Hindu University, University of Mumbai etc. Many colleges which are recognized by the universities are located in all main towns and cities. The minimum age and educational qualifications differ from one university to other university. The learners are examined through practical and theoretical examination at the end of the course.

Apart from the universities there are even reputed institutes like The Kathak Kendra in Delhi, The Kalakshetra in Chennai offer different programs in classical dance and institutes like Swaraganga school of Indian Classical Music in Delhi, Shankar Mahadevan Academy in Bangalore offer programs in classical music.

All the above programs are of classical dance and classical singing. There are even few other institutes that offer courses in western style. Lorraine music in Delhi, India International Dance Institute of Kolkata, and Mumbai Film Academy are few of them.

Sources of recognition:

Many get training right from the schooling or even before, privately. Whether trained or qualified, one needs to get recognized to attain better opportunities.

  • Many companies and T.V. channels are conducting competitions in local as well as national wide. For beginners, participating in such competitions is a good option to get recognition.
  • Private albums provide a chance to the talented new dancers and new singers to prove themselves.

Scope of Career: Dance-

  • Choreographer, Assistant Choreographer and junior dancer are the career options in the film industry.
  • Instructor or teacher in the reputed institutes, Colleges and Universities are the opportunities in teaching field. Recruitment of the dance teacher in the schools has become a must for the overall development of the children.
  • Artist in Theatre
  • Individual earning through stage performances, organizing institutes or teaching privately.


  • Music director, Assistant Music Director, Play-back singers, Chorus singers are the career options in the film industry.
  • Instructor or teacher in the reputed institutes, Colleges and Universities are the openings in teaching field. Music teacher recruitment is given equal importance along with the subject teachers’ recruitment in the schools.
  • Concerts, teaching privately are the other earning options. Online music tuition is a good source of income which allows training students who are far even those who are abroad.


Talent and experience is always respected and paid high. A hard worker can earn minimum in five digits through multi-utilization of the career options. For example, a music teacher in a school may take part in concerts and have extra source of income. The reputed artists are paid even in six digits for the stage performances.

What steps secures the career?

  • Updating the new coming styles of the arts.
  • Knowledge of other forms of the art.
  • For dance, maintaining the fitness of the body and for Singing, taking precautions to prevent respiratory or throat problems.

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