Private Universities in India

Students in India get to do their higher education either in Public or Private Universities. While Public Universities are run by Government of India, Private Universities are run by Private organisations or individuals. Establishment of Private Universities in India has largely contributed to the higher education in the country. More than 90%, students who do not score well, seek admissions in Private Universities in India.

UGC Approved Private Universities

There are about 184 Private Universities in India approved by University Grants Commission (UGC). UGC is a statutory council whose approval is a pre-requisite to start a programme. While there are no Private Universities in any of the Union Territories or states like Kerala, Bihar, Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra and Manipur, there are about 25 Private Universities in Rajasthan. Many of the Private Universities in India have been recognised as deemed Universities by UGC.

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Private Universities for Professional Courses

There has been a significant increase in the number of Private Universities in India especially for Engineering and Management. Many of these Private Universities in India provide quality education and some of these offer academic programmes for students with work experience similar to the national institutes of importance. Hence a few of the Private Universities have made it to the Top Universities in India. There are also Private Universities in India for Medicine, law, Pharmacy etc. Private Universities in India conduct entrance examinations on their own and shortlist the students for admissions.

Other Private Universities

There is a large number of Private Universities in India for non-professional courses too. Apart from the regular courses, these Universities offer some unique courses. Among the Private Universities in India, Philanthropic Universities like University in Bangalore and Uttar Pradesh offer various Bachelors and Masters Courses related to education and development. University in Haryana gives liberal education to students to break the rules of theory and practice.

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