Universities in Nagpur

Nagpur is seen as one of the global cities in the future. With three major State Universities in Nagpur, it is also the host of one of the oldest Universities in the country.

The State university of Nagpur is known for its language departments which it focus on. Besides the disciplines Arts, Science and Commerce, it also teaches languages like Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu and Marathi.

The other two State Universities of Nagpur include:

  • The Animal and Fishery Sciences University is a large university dedication to the study of fisheries and Veterinary Science. The veterinary colleges of four agricultural universities in the state combined to form this Veterinary University. Apart from the Veterinary colleges, a dairy farming colleges and a postgraduate institute of the agricultural university came under this newly formed veterinary uneasy.
  • The other of the State Universities in Nagpur is the University for the Language of Sanskrit. The university offers certificate courses to diplomas, degrees and post graduation degrees. It also offers various levels of diplomas up to the postgraduate diploma levels. Some of the disciplines of study include Performing and Fine arts like the different dance forms of India and music. The university is known for the wide range of rare courses that it offers including Naturopathy and other traditional forms of treatment. Sanskrit the other languages in which education is imparted include Pali and a foreign language German. The University also offers varied religious studies in Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism.

There are many highly advanced institutes for research in various areas of study and to name a few:

  • Food Technological Research
  • Cotton Research
  • Fuel research
  • Power research
  • Research Centre for Citrus
  • Institute of Mining and Fuel Research
  • Environment Engineering Research
  • Mining and Fuel Research

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