Universities in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the capital city of the state of Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad is home to some of India’s most reputed educational institutions. There are about 13 Universities in Hyderabad and they are:

Central Universities in Hyderabad

  • The University of Hyderabad is a central university and the courses offered include disciplines covering medicine, science, engineering and technology to humanities, education and management.
  • One of the Central Universities in Hyderabad include an Urdu University which is dedicated to the study of the language and literature of Urdu.
  • A Central University in Hyderabad is dedicated to the study of English and Foreign Languages

State Universities in Hyderabad

  • One the State Universities in Hyderabad is the oldest in India and is reputed for the large number of courses that it offers and also its distance education facility.
  • Among the State Universities in Hyderabad is one that is a technological university with a number of engineering colleges, technological colleges and polytechnics affiliating with it.
  • A medical university is located in Hyderabad with a number of Medical colleges and other medical universities affiliating with it.
  • An open university in Hyderabad offers education to those for whom formal education is inaccessible and also encourages adult education.
  • A university for legal studies which has a number of law Colleges in Andhra Pradesh affiliated to it.
  • One of the State Universities in Hyderabad is dedicated to the study of Agriculture and related subjects.

Deemed Universities in Hyderabad

One of the deemed Universities in Hyderabad conducts ungraduated, postgraduate, as well as research programs in engineering, technology and science.

Private Universities in Hyderabad

Among the Universities in Hyderabad is a private university dedicated to the study of Finance and finance management.

Other institutes located in Hyderabad include:

  • A highly prestigious Business School
  • An institute for Public Enterprise
  • Academy for Legal studies and research programs
  • A college for training of administrative staff
  • A Police Academy
  • The Institutes of National Importance, the IIT and the IIFT.
  • Research Institutes in Hyderabad include one each for Chemical technology and Cellular & Molecular Biology

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