Career Options in Electrical

One of the most flourishing career options for an aspirant to pursue a profession in the field of electrical is to foray into learning the engineering aspects of the field. Electrical engineering is a stream of engineering that mainly pertains to the study and application of electricity, electronics and also electromagnetism. This field was first identifiable as a viable occupation in the late nineteenth century. This was due to commercialization of electrical power supply and electric commercialization. Studies related to this now cover an array of topics and subtopics which includes electronics, power, signal processing, control systems and telecommunication.

Electrical Professional in the field

Professionals with a career in the Electrical industry deal with issues related to large scale electrical systems which include motor controls, generators, power transmission and distribution and requirements related to them. With the dawn of power electronics especially in the industries the relevance and scope of this field has increased by leaps and bounds. The main reason behind this exponential growth is that mostly all the modern gadgets as well as equipment rely majorly on electrical control systems and various components for the proper operational control.

Electrical Eligibility Criteria

To pursue this field as a career the most effective way is to go for the technical qualifications such as the engineering wind of this field. To enter the electrical engineering field a student must have a 10+2 certificate with a major in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. A diploma in this field can also be achieved. The aspirant can join the diploma course after passing the 10th grade. Higher studies can also be taken up in this field. Engineers can give the GATE examination to join the premier institutes of the country to pursue Masters in Technology in electrical engineering. For those who want to gain a degree from a foreign college can go for a MS degree. PhD or MPhil in the field which will also determine high prospects related to career for any aspirant.

Electrical Career Options in the field

Aspirants can find job opportunities related to electrical industry in both public as well as private sectors. In the current times there is a huge growth in the electrical sector worldwide. Companies like Suzlon and Reliance offer a very bright future to the young minds of the nation. Along with the market related to tapping the wind energy the photo voltaic technology market has also seen a rise as high as 62% in the past year. In future too companies moving into this industry will be hiring very aggressively. Moser Baer has been in talks to set up a US $500 million PV fabrication facility in Chennai. This will have an annual capacity to produce 40MW power. It has been estimated that this will provide recruitment to 4000 engineers as well as scientists. There will also be a career growth option in the nuclear technology field.

Electrical Salary and Remuneration

If a student gets the right opportunity this can become one of the most high paying careers. Although fresher starts with a package of 4-6 lakhs per annum, this increases exponentially with experience.

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