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The main aim of IndiaCollegesHub.com is to provide accurate and updated information to all its visitors regarding different education, colleges and universities which are having the main operation in India and aboard

  • Information’s which are provided on this site is regularly updated and proper care is taken that it should be accurate while presenting it to the public. Important information should be cross check with the official websites.
  • IndiaCollegesHub.com will not be responsible for damage and loss if occurred by the information and services.
  • Information on the site has flexibility term, which changes from time without giving any notice regarding that, which is totally controlled by the company management.
  • Information’s provided in this website is basically to help the visitors so that they can take their entire decision by taking all the necessary information.
  • This site will not be compared to any other websites and the visitors should cross check with the official service provide before going for it.
  • The decision of the visitors before going for the services or product is solely and independent one as in future if any loss or damage occurs, IndiaCollegesHub.com will not be responsible and liable for loss occurred by the partners and agents side.
  • The materials which are provided are within jurisdictions and we don’t provide materials that to be used outside India. By simply filling the online request for the rate quote, we confirm you that you are not a part of such jurisdiction which are not licensed to carry out the business.

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No Warranties

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