Universities in India

Higher education and university education in India has been recognized and acclaimed in different parts of the world. There are number of Universities in India that caters to students in India and abroad. Providing world class education, Universities in India have the reputation that is equal to the top universities of the world. Some of the well-known ancient universities of the world were situated in India and that tradition has been carried forward with modernization and innovation introduced into the Universities in India.

The Universities in India are governed by the University Grants Commission, which is the governing body for all Universities.

There are different types of Universities in India

Basically Universities in India are categorized into three different types and they are:

  • In accordance with their funding which is by the Centre, the State or private funding.
  • In accordance with their location.
  • In accordance with the specific subject they of specializations in – Medical, Agricultural, Performing Arts or Management, Engineering and Technology all the other areas of study.

In India, the each and every state has a university that is known by the name of the state. All the colleges in the state are usually affiliated to the State University.

Apart from the state Universities in India there are 3 very significant Universities in India that are governed from the centre. These central government universities are open to students from any state. The central Universities in India offer high educational facilities and are very highly looked up too with regard to the respect the universities command.

Besides these states and Central Universities in India there are the Deemed universities of where there are many. Deemed universities are those that are self- dependent and do not have many others colleges affiliated to them. The deemed Universities in India are a single institution and have the power to confer the degree on the student without the need for a university of the state or the central. Nevertheless, they do have to abide by the rules and regulations that govern most of the other universities that are under the University Grants Commission.

Universities in India classified in accordance with the area of study has students who enrol for their higher education and the universities also offer research facilities.

Universities in India which are unique and Exclusive:

Besides the commonly seen universities there are the many Universities in India that offer non-formal education and India is proud to have one of the world‘s largest universities in terms of enrolment offering distance education in numerous areas of study and is governed by the central government.

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