Universities in West Bengal

West Bengal is a very rich state, educationally and culturally and hence large number of universities are situated in West Bengal. Besides the many Institutes of National Importance of which there is a long list functioning in West Bengal, there are many Universities in West Bengal that offer high quality education to the students of the state.

Central Universities in West Bengal

The Central Universities in West Bengal is the one established by Rabindranath Tagore and is situated in the outskirts of Kolkata. It offers various Courses in Arts and Performing Arts and other technology courses along with the general education. The University is the “Alma Mater” to some the greatest Indians who are stalwarts in their specific fields.

State Universities in West Bengal

Most of the State Universities in West Bengal offers a wide range of subjects for study that include Arts, Science, and Commerce. Apart from the General subjects many technological and other specialized courses like Law and Medicine are also offered. The State Universities in West Bengal also offer Courses in Agriculture, Engineering technology and even Theology. All the Engineering and technical colleges of West Bengal affiliate with the State Technical University in West Bengal

Deemed University in West Bengal

The Deemed University in West Bengal is the one established by a Missionary and offers highly varied courses like the rural and tribal development, Indian cultural and spiritual heritage, fundamental science education and disability management and special education.

There is a Private University in West Bengal that has been recently established in the city of Kolkata provided courses of study in various disciplines.

The main forte of West Bengal in the field of education is in the Research facilities offered by some of the reputed research institution that have been established by the Governments of both the Central and the State.

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