Universities in Orissa

Orissa or Odisha as it is now referred to, lies in the Eastern region of India, and was one of the most ancient centres of learning where knowledge and learning thrived for ages. Today too, it is one of the well-established centres of learning with many Universities in Orissa offers various courses in multiple disciplines of study.

Orissa today is enriched with a number of institutes of National importance which have raised the level of the education in the state. They include the IIT, AIIMS, NIT, and the National Institute of Science Education and research and another for training and research.

Besides, there are many Central Universities in Orissa offers courses in anthropology, conservation of resources and journalism, mass communication and other general courses

State Universities in Orissa

The large number of Universities in Orissa conduct courses in many disciplines and besides the general courses they include:

  • There is a Law unviesterity dedicated to the study of law and other related legal studies. All the law colleges in the state are affiliated with this university.
  • The State university for technology and architecture and management
  • The State university for general studies, law, management and technology
  • The State university of agriculture is one of the oldest in the country
  • One of the State Universities in Orissa is dedicated to the research programs in different fields besides teaching and education.
  • Some of the State Universities in Orissa offer a large number of postgraduate courses and research programs.
  • There are a number of State medical Universities in Orissa, which are recognized by the Medical council of India but functions under the State Government of Orissa. Most of the medical colleges in the region are affiliated with one of these medical colleges.

Deemed Universities in Orissa

There are two deemed Universities in Orissa one of which offers course’s in Medicine and related areas of study.

Private Universities in Orissa

A private university is located in Orissa which offers highly advanced courses based on industrial engineering and technology.

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