Universities in Trichy

Students are given opportunity to enrich their academic career with a variety of courses offered by the Universities in Tiruchirappalli. The Universities in Tiruchirappalli grant affiliations to many colleges which offer graduate as well as post graduate and diploma degrees recognized by UGC. Quality education is provided through the Universities in Tiruchirappalli to promote as well as to gain excellence in higher education which will also ensure social and economic growth. Higher education has now become essential for quality life which the Universities in Tiruchirappalli provide through the various colleges affiliated to it.

Courses offered in the Universities in Tiruchirappalli

The various Universities in Tiruchirappalli offer courses in engineering, arts and science, technology, management as well as in various science disciplines in under graduate, post graduate and doctorate levels. Hostels, gymnasium, health centers, banks, student co-operative stores and guest houses are provided in the Universities in Tiruchirappalli. In some of the Universities in Tiruchirappalli mechanical as well as civil engineering can be learnt in Tamil language and dual degree system also is allowed. The students can take an additional degree during the second year along with their main degree. Learning endeavors are made a lifelong process and researches are conducted in many disciplines, thus providing a good academic environment for the students of the Universities in Tiruchirappalli. Marks scored in the previous examinations as well as the performance in the All India Engineering exams are taken into consideration for admission to the Universities in Tiruchirappalli. Well stocked libraries as well as indoor and outdoor sports facilities are provided in the Universities in Tiruchirappalli.

Distance education through the Universities in Tiruchirappalli

Online or distance education system was introduced through the Universities in Tiruchirappalli to those who are not able to attend regular classes. BSc degree in animation as well as MCA, MBA and diploma courses are the most sought out courses.

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