Universities in Assam

Assam, a state in the North Eastern region of India is situated on the southern side of the Himalayan Mountains. The state of Assam is surrounded by the remaining 6 of the seven states that make up the North Eastern Region of India.

Large number of Universities in Assam

Almost every major districts of Assam has a university of its own with a large number of colleges affiliated to these Universities in Assam. A long list of schools, colleges and Universities in Assam make up its educational network. The maximum number of educational institutions and the high quality facilities for education is situated most in Assam – the highest in the region of the North East in India. The State University is one of the oldest Universities in Assam established in the year 1948.

Different Types of Universities in Assam

Most of these universities in Assam conduct courses that are general and professional. Beginning for the Arts, Science and Commerce courses, these Universities in Assam also conduct courses in Law, Bio-medicine, Management, and technology. There are Universities in Assam that have colleges that cater to specialized study of language.

An open university help to promote education to students who find it difficult to take up courses in the formal Universities in Assam. The Open University is recognized by the distance education Council and the University Grants Commission.

There are many B.Ed. Colleges which are affiliated to the various Universities in Assam to encourage teacher training and women’s education.

Established in 2010, the law university is one of the Universities in Assam that is dedicated to the study of law and related subjects.

One of the Universities in Assam is dedication to the study of Agriculture which is a major feature of the Assamese source of livelihood. Apart from Agriculture, the university also has schools for fisheries, Veterinary Science and Horticulture.

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