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Jaipur, known as the “Pink City’ is the Capital city of Rajasthan and is tourists’ paradise. Besides, these factors, Jaipur is also known for its educational facilities provided to the student population of the city. There are many State Universities in Jaipur and also a few Deemed Universities in Jaipur. Some of the State Universities in Jaipur include:

One of the Universities in Jaipur is also one of the oldest in the State, and it conducts a number of general courses in Arts, Science and Commerce. Besides these disciplines, courses are also conducted in some unique disciplines like Construction Management, Urban & Rural Development Studies and Public Health Science, Transportation Management and Engineering among others. The university also conducts courses in other disciplines like Law.

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Among the State Universities in Jaipur is that for Health Science conducting undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It also offers diploma and certificate courses in para-medical and allied subjects. It has a long list of affiliating colleges that include medical, dental, nursing and pharmacy colleges. There are many other courses conducted like technology courses in medical, the radiation technology and ophthalmic technology besides specialization programs like Oncology.

One of the State Universities in Jaipur is for women only and it is the first privately formed university in the country for women. A large number of general courses are conducted in humanities, Arts, Sciences and Commerce including Linguistics and Home Science.

A state university dedicated to the study of Sanskrit is also situated in the city of Jaipur. It offers degree, diploma and certification courses in Sanskrit literature and language.

One of the Private Universities in Jaipur is dedicated to the study of Engineering, science, Management, Pharmacy, pure and applied sciences offering various courses in many disciplines of study.

Another private University in Jaipur has its presence in number of major cities including overseas locations and offers a variety of courses. Offering more than 240 programs, the university has an enrollment of around 100,000 students.

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