Universities in Bhopal

Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, a state in India. Known for its greenery and as the “city of lakes” it is now emerging as the destination for educational facilities offered.

Of the many Universities in Bhopal the State Universities in Bhopal provides a vast number of Courses in a multitude of disciplines and they are:

  • A university which was earlier known by the name of the city it is located in, is now renamed to that of a renowned nationalist. It offers degrees to the students in its affiliating Colleges in Bhopal and in its surrounding regions. There are many non-technical programs of study conducted by the university in colleges situated in the city.
  • There are two Universities in Bhopal offering distance education programs of which one of the state university and the other is an Open University in Bhopal
  • One of the Universities in Bhopal managed by the State Government is the University of Journalism and Communication. The admission to this university is on the scores of the Entrance Exams conducted at the national level. It has 11 departments for academic disciplines and offers courses at the undergraduate, Postgraduate and doctoral levels.
  • One of the State Universities in Bhopal offers technical education which has a many affiliating colleges in the city and in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Besides having affiliating colleges it also has campuses in other districts of the State, from where the University imparts technical education. Named after the former Prime Ministry of the country, the technical university is a common university for all technical colleges, polytechnics and other disciplines like Pharmacy and Science.

There are three private Universities in Bhopal and two of them offer courses all levels in disciplines like medicine and engineering and related areas of study. They also offer Arts, Science and Commerce disciplines besides Management, Finance, Law and allied subjects.

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