Universities in Pune

Pune is a city in the state of Maharashtra and is the state’s second largest city. It has always been known to be a city with cultural heritage and learning.

A Central University in Pune is the Science Education and Research Institute under the HRD Ministry of the Government of India. It has various centres spread out in India it offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

There is just one State University in Pune which is the University of Pune with most colleges of the city are affiliated with the University of Pune.

A private international university in Pune offers more than 70 programs of study offered in centres across the country, which includes Management and engineering, besides law and health sciences.

The Deemed Universities of Pune include:

A university in Pune offers various courses in different disciplines including Medical and Engineering. Though the university established in 1964 has more than 20 colleges affiliating to it with an overseas campus in United Arab Emirates.

A post-graduate institute for the study and research in the disciplines of Linguistics including Sanskrit, Archaeology and Lexicography.

The Defence Institute located in Pune for the study of Advanced Armament Technology was previously named as the Institute of Armament Technology. It has now been granted the Deemed University status. It specializes in Technologies related to armaments and defence. It also conducts postgraduate courses in the disciplines of science and technology for the officers serving in the three defence services of the country.

One of the oldest Institute for the research and training in Politics and Economics in India is located in Pune.

One of the Universities in Pune offers various disciplines of study ranging from Medicine and Sciences to Engineering, Law and Arts offered in the formal as well as the distance mode.

A University dedicated to the study of medicine and related subjects is located in Pune. A business school is also attached to this university.

Some of India’s most reputed research institutes are located in Pune.

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