Universities in Chennai

The city of Chennai is a metropolis which is the Capital city of Tamil Nadu and its biggest city. With a number of industries in Chennai, the manufacturing sectors in the city is very vibrant and dynamic. The city caters to the vast requirements of highly qualified manpower by establishing a number of Universities in Chennai.

Some of the Institutions of National Importance in Chennai include the Indian Institute of Technology and the National Institute of Fashion Technology. Besides these Institutes is the Central University located in the city of Chennai. A Research Institute in Plastics Engineering & Technology is a centrally funded institution in the city.

  • One of the State Universities in Chennai is dedicated to the study of Engineering and Technology and another State University in Chennai is dedication to the study of medicine and related subjects. These two Universities in Chennai have a large number of colleges affiliating with them. These colleges impart education in the streams according to the University they are affiliated with.
  • The State law university has a number of law colleges under it offering various Courses in Legal studies.
  • There are state Universities in Chennai dedicated to the study of
    • Sports and related subjects
    • Tamil studies including Tamil language and Literature
    • Veterinary and Animal Sciences and related subjects
    • Open University
  • The University of Madras has 3 campuses in the city of Chennai and has a plethora of colleges affiliating with it. It is also a research University and has a number of research department attached to it.
  • Some of the research institutes are of very high repute and include fields like preventive medicine, Brackish water Aquaculture, Leather Research and Cancer Research to name just a few.

Private Universities in Chennai

  • A private university for Marine engineering is located in Chennai
  • There are three other Universities in Chennai and offer courses in the various disciplines of Medicine, Engineering and Humanities.

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