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Daman and Diu is one of the smallest Union Territories of India but it is developed in all respects despite its size. Its growing educational facilities is the proof of its development and today a large number of educational institutions have been established in Daman and Diu. A number of schemes and regulations have been formulated to upgrade the educational level in the Union Territory by the Central Government. This has come about to limit the number of students migrating to neighbouring states with a view to obtain enhanced educational facilities. To stop such migration and overcrowding of the other states, the Government of India has decided upon such steps that will help to mitigate migration of students from Daman and Diu and enhance the quality and the availability of education to the students of the Union Territory.

Most of the Colleges in Daman & Diu are affiliated to the Universities of other states. Some are affiliated to the Universities in Goa and others to the Universities in Gujarat. The colleges offers various course in Arts, Science and Commerce.

Must Read Universities in Daman and Diu

There are also Polytechnic Colleges in Daman and Diu for engineering and technology study. Diploma courses in various subjects are conducted here. The Polytechnic Colleges in Daman and Diu is managed by the local Government.

The Central Open University has a study centre representing the University. The study centre is located in Daman and Diu which imparts education in a large number of disciplines and Professional courses. Apart from this, there are some private institutions that impart education and provide higher educational facilities to many students of Daman and Diu who cannot afford to migrate to other states to study.

There is a B.Ed. college in Daman & Diu that is approved by the National Council for Teacher Education.

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