Career Options in Statistician

Statistics is the science of applying mathematical principles to collect, evaluate and present numerical data in a practical manner. The varying areas of statistics are census statistics, crime statistics, ecological statistics, medical statistics and many more. The person pursuing this field requires an analytical brain and the ability to comprehend and interpret numerical data and explain all of it in simple terms. To do this there are various methods like surveys and questionnaires.

A Statistician

Statisticians produce, examine and explain data in ways that support decision-making. Statisticians by their knowledge plan, gather, and understand data experiments in different fields of industry. This includes fields of economics,psychology, medicine, marketing, biology, public health, sports and many more. Military considerations also take the opinions of a statistician for approval of many strategies and sanctions. The Central Government hires postgraduates in statistics, applied statistics and mathematical statistics for the Indian Statistical Service. Many ISI alumni get into banking, software development and finance. Many statisticians become actuaries. These are professionals who predict risks and uncertainty and for valuation of financial products.Apart from growth, statisticians are also involved with the manufacturing, asset, liability, risk management, and in the marketing departments of firms.

Qualifications and Examinations - Statistician

To become a statistician one needs to obtain a bachelor’s degree in statistics. For this a person should have passed the 10+2 examination with Mathematics. Statistics can also be taken up in post-graduation. To be eligible for this one has to be a mathematics graduate with statistics in at least two semesters. One can also attempt the Union Public Service Commission’s examination. The UPSC conducts the examination for employment to the Indian Statistical Service. This exam is open only to postgraduates in stats and certain allied disciplines.

Career Opportunities Statistician

A wide range of job opportunities exist for trained statisticians both in the private as well as public sectors. They work individually or as part of a large team. Teaching and research field are also available to candidates with a master's degree and doctorate. A statistician's job generally seems boring and monotonous to an outsider, but this is a complete myth. Sometimes statistician may need to work in the comforts of a proper office environment. However, in some cases fieldwork may be required and this involves a lot of traveling for gathering of facts.Almost every nation in this world has its own statistical agencies or bureaus. The primary body of the formal statistical system in India is the Department of Statistics in the Ministry of Planning and Programme Implementation. This department is the primary agency for the planned development of the country's statistical system. It is made upof the Central Statistical Organization, the National Sample Survey Organization etc. This body also manages the Indian Statistical Institutes. This is one of the most prestigious statistical studies institutes in the India.

Salary and Remunerations - Statistician

For a budding statistician with a good qualification and a sharp mind the starting pay packages are huge. It has been observed students passing out from ISI, Kolkata have been offered an average pay of Rs 12 lakhs per annum. Delhi University students also may start from Rs 4.5 lakhs per annum. The remuneration at times also depends on the institute students are passing out and their prior experience.

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