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Banking and Auditing is the most preferred career choice among youths nowadays. It is a white collar job which is well paid, secure and high status career. Though people feel that these jobs are suitable for commerce or economics aspirants only but in reality these fields open a plethora of opportunities for diversified education streams like Arts, Science and others. A lot of educational and management institutes invite different private, public and multinational commercial Banks and Auditing firms to hire their students at lucrative salaries.


Aspirants willing to become banker and auditor should usually carry a bachelor degree. Some organizations may ask for professional certifications also like MBA, BBA, and Diploma in Auditing & Accounting.Gradutaes in economics, humanities and business studies are also welcomed in these fields. Basic computer literacy is also a pre requisite for these jobs as technology is the back bone of the industry.

Different courses are available into these fields like:


Tally, ICWA, CA, Compay Secretary (CS), Certified Public Accountants (CPA) etc.


Diploma in Banking, retail Banking Operations etc.

Personal Attributes:

Auditors must possess sharp analytical skills and should be able to compare and interpret data and fact fast.Acquintance with accounting and auditing software packages is also an essential for them. On the same line a Banker should also be great team players, problem solver and a quick decision maker. It is the trustworthiness of Bankers and Auditors that client and employers make them the custodian of money. They must be an excellent communicator with customer centric approach.


Auditors and Bankers have numerous career options with various agencies. They can work as external consultants or with government agencies. Teaching and working for Non Government Organizations (NGO) can also be an option. One can chose from various options like retail Banking, Forex, Equity, Treasury, Back Office, Operations, Credit, Auditing, Financial Research, Government Auditors, Consultancy, Forensic Auditor, Insurance Auditors and many more.

Recent Trend:

There is great shift in the number of aspirants towards Banking and Auditing in recent years. Due to the liberalization in the economy big corporations have joined the growth and this career option is giving better salary, job security, status and growth. Firms like PWC, Copal Partners, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, and other government agencies are focusing on various training and Development initiatives in the field to produce knowledgeable, skilled, effective and industry ready man power. One must take part in the success story and should join these fields to take most of it.


Salaries are also good in these fields. Sales and office staffs have different salary structures. An entry level office staff gets salary in the range of Rs.10000 to Rs.20000 per months. Sales staff earns good incentives also which are more than their salaries some times. Private Banks and some foreign Banks even pay an entry level staff Rs.25000-35000 per months also. As one get experience and exposure there is no limit and one can earn very high salary packages.

Hence Banking and Auditing are helping our economy to get strength in terms of skilled man power, emloyement generation and various training and research initiatives. They must be seen as a high potential career options and one must give a jump start to his/her professional life by joining the sector.

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