Career Options in Securities Analysis

In today’s scenario when the economy is at upsurge and Sensex and Nifty are witnessing bull rally, Security Analysis is a hot career option and many candidates are turning to the field. Companies have a separate research and development department which does fundamental and technical research to study market movement. A lot of certificate, diploma and degree courses are available. After pursuing these courses aspirants are getting employed with various reputed organizations like Evalueserve, Copal Partners, KPMG ,CRISIL,BSE,NSE ,Karvy and many more. Very good compensation packages are offered for these jobs.


People wish to join the research and analysis jobs must be a graduate with courses in business administration, ecomomics, finance, accounts, statistics etc.Although many financial research firms hire fresh graduates as well and provide training on all the aspect of security analysis before joining. Knowledge of softwares and basic computer literacy is also required to work in the field. Courses that are available in this field are as follows:

  • Security Analysis Diploma
  • Certification in Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • Course in Financial Planning
  • PG Diploma in Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • Capital Market Certification e.g. NISM, NCFM etc.

Skills Required:

Analysts deal and interact with clients everyday so they must be a good communicator with robust interpersonal skills. Their quantitative and qualitative analytical skills should be very sound. Clients invest their hard earned money at analyst’s advice so an ethical responsibility is also there. It demands integrity, dedication and highest professional standards from the practitioner.

Career Avenues:

Various job opportunities are available with reputed companies in the field of security analysis. Some of the areas are Forex management and Services, Derivative Research, Equity and Stock Market Analysis, Commodity Analysis and Trading, Operation Research, Wealth Management, Portfolio Analysis, Treasury department, Academic Research, Technical Research etc.

Designation that one can work in the domain can be:

  • Wealth Manager
  • Relationship Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Investment Banker
  • Private Wealth RM
  • Equity Researchers
  • Foreign Exchange Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Research Analyst


As we know knowledge is power and Security Analysis is a field where your knowledge is getting valued and paid. Starting salary of Rs.20000 to Rs.35000 per month is offered by several organizations. Incentive are also linked which are performance based but very lucrative. At senior positions packages are very high and growth opportunities are immense.

Recent Outlook:

As the stock market is showing good signs of growth during last years, employement opportunities are also coming up at domestic level and globally. Companies are expanding their businesses by opening up new offices within and outside the country, hiring skilled manpower to meet the demands. It is the correct time to enter into the field of Security Analysis so that better results can be reaped in the coming times.Governmnet is also opening different routes to boost the sector.

Therefore in the present times when everything is going good for the economy; Market indicators (Sensex & Nifty) are moving; Petrol prices are in control; Food inflation is bearable and opportunities are growing, Security Analysis has come up as an extremely promising career option among the youths. Anybody starting his or her professional life must look at this field as the first choice.

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