Agricultural Universities in India

In India, agriculture has emerged as an important stream among students over the years. Agricultural Universities in India engages students in study and research related disciplines of agriculture. The Universities for agriculture, Veterinary and forestry are registered under the respective councils of India. Agricultural Universities in India can be categorised into State, Deemed and Central Universities.

State Agricultural Universities

There are 54 State Agricultural Universities in India. The academic programmes offered by these Universities are unique from the other Universities and American system has a strong impact on it. These Agricultural Universities in India offer a four year Bachelors course which follows semester system and GPA based evaluation. Even though majority of the state Agricultural Universities in India are non-affiliating Universities, some of the Universities have private colleges affiliated to it.

Deemed and Central Agricultural Universities

There are seven Deemed Agricultural Universities in India and a couple of them are popular for its large contributions to agricultural research. The only one Central Agricultural University in India is located in the state of Manipur. There are separate colleges for Natural Science Management, Horticultural Science, Crop Improvement, Plant Protection etc. These Universities follow yearly term and evaluation is based on percentage. Besides these Agricultural Universities in India, there are also other state and central Universities which offer Courses in Agriculture.

Courses offered by Agricultural Universities In India

The courses offered by the state Agricultural Universities in India are Bachelors and Masters in Agricultural Engineering, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Fisheries, Food science and Nutrition, Forestry etc. They also offer doctoral programmes in various specialisations of agriculture and forestry. Postgraduate programme (MBA) in Agri Business Management offered by these Universities stands out from the other courses. The seven colleges under the Central Agricultural University in India and deemed Universities offer several courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels like Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, Horticulture, Soil Science, Entomology, Plant pathology, Agronomy etc.

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