Agricultural Engineering Courses in India

About Agricultural Engineering Courses

Agricultural engineering is a combination of concepts of engineering and also biological sciences. Additionally it is referred to as biological engineering. It has additional fields for example animal biology, plant biology, mechanical system, civil engineering and also chemical engineering. It is really certainly one of the diverse area which concentrates on development and progression of equipment to modernize the farming aspects. It offers mathematical and science concepts to resolve agricultural problems. It offers several procedures like production, working, and transportation, storage case for agricultural components and reconstruction options for rural areas. This area additionally consists of various branches which handle agricultural aspects for example farm equipments, countryside structures, soil preservation, drainage, irrigation and also rural electricity. Agricultural engineering is a various field and also has excellent scope for applicants.

Options and also Opportunities in Agricultural Engineering Courses

The chances in this area are challenging and also very impressive. This area is appropriate for all who possess keen curiosity about agriculture. Technical engineers of this area design and build agricultural tools and buildings by utilizing modern technologies and also inventions. Agricultural Engineers may also perform specialization in device systems, planning power, plant production, animal production, environmentology, and also bioprocess. They are able to also do the job as technological experts on engineering tasks in banks and also financial businesses. After being engineer they could set up their very own small unit or consultancy.

Basic Eligibility for Agricultural Engineering Courses


For entrance in a bachelor’s qualification , the applicant should have passed the higher secondary school certificate ( 10+2 ) evaluation with scientific research subject for example biology , Maths and chemistry. For IITs, It is really obligatory to meet the requirements in the Joint Entrance Examinations (J .E .E). The period for the training course is 4 years.


The eligibility requirements for seeking a master’s degree are keeping a bachelor's college degree in (B.E/B .Tech) or some other equal branches of engineering. The length for the training course is 2 years.

Overall performance and development of industry in India

In India, farming is amongst the primary sectors which lead around 23% towards GDP (Gross Domestic Products). This area consists of greater than 70% of total work force. Indian economy will depend on agricultural productions since it is one of the greatest areas that is certainly developing and growing rapidly. Rural areas are likewise impacted by agriculture along with the areas linked to it like diary, poultry, fisheries and also livestock. Farming in India is amongst the rapidly increasing fields which can be mainly popular for generation of foods and other products by systematic and managed way.

Salary expectations in Agricultural Engineering Courses:

Agricultural engineering is amongst the rewarding field. The salary expectations in federal government sectors for agricultural engineers is Rs. 15,000 - Rs 25,000 on a monthly basis based upon their rankings. Graduates employed in non-public sector can make around Rs 25,000 - Rs 35,000 each month. They could get a lot more than what he/she earns in government field. People who are working together with NGOs can make great salary. Apart from people who opt to open up their own farm can make great returns based upon the dimensions of farm and plants grown.

Postgraduate (PG) Agricultural Engineering Courses in India

Diploma Agricultural Engineering Courses in India

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