Career Options in Hospital Profession

There are many types of jobs in the hospital profession and some of them include those in the hospital administration or management, medical professions, and paramedical professions. But for a career not related to medical or paramedical courses, among the most opted courses is that of Hospital Administration or Management. Highly prosperous as a career and greatly satisfying, taking up a career in hospital management is a very good decision. The significance of the role of a hospital administrator can vary according to the size of the hospital and the number of departments it has.


Though some hospitals offer candidates with an undergraduate degree in any stream followed by a postgraduate degree in management, big and well – known hospitals prefer to take on candidates who have completed their undergraduate degree in Hospital Administration. There are many who take up hospital administration as a specialization course, at the end of which a specialization certificate is issued. Those candidates usually take up the specialization course after an undergraduate degree program in Science, Biology or Life Sciences or related courses.

Required Skills for a career in Hospital Administration

  • High level management skills and administrative qualities.
  • Skills in Communication and interaction
  • High level skills in diplomacy as sometimes firm measures might have to be extended.
  • High level organizational skills

How to become a Hospital Administrator?

Apart from the academic qualifications, the candidate must have all or most of the above required skills. Hands on training programs prepare the candidate well ahead before embarking on a career so taking up the training programs, preferably in a hospital is a good way to become a hospital administrator.

Job Description

  • Managing the day to day affairs of the hospital
  • Customer relations
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • A friendly and amiable approach not only to the colleagues, but most importantly to the patients who come to the hospital.
  • Thorough knowledge of the policies of the hospital, the rules and regulations that the employees and the patients must abide by.
  • Information regarding the working of the hospital and the services extended must be aware.

Some of the responsibilities taken on by a candidate in the field of hospital administration include:

Career Prospects

By taking up the job of a hospital administrator, a bright future and a very prospective career awaits the candidate. With the demands increasing the health care sector, hospitals are bound to rise in number and that is why people looking for a career in hospital admission jobs are in great demand.


Any job in the health care sector is bound to be highly paid and so the same can be said about the job of a hospital administrator. Variations can occur in the range of salary depending on the following factors:

Location of the hospital

  • Academic qualifications of the candidate
  • Status of the hospital – whether it is a multi-specialty hospital or a primary health center and also whether it is a government hospital or a private one.
  • Role of the candidate, whether leading the department or is an assistant
  • Number of years of experience.

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