Career Options in Physiotherapy

A branch in the field of medicine where disabilities in the structure of the body are treated with medically approved exercises and equipment, physiotherapy is a part of the medical field. The disabilities may be caused by an accident or an orthopedic disorder and physiotherapy is recommended along with the prescribed medicines. Body movements, joint structures and dislocations are treated very effectively with physiotherapy. Besides exercises it also includes, heat, radiation, massages, tractions and many others. A physiotherapist is a person who performs the physiotherapy on the patient and guides the patients towards recovery.


Regarding the educational qualifications, the physiotherapist has to acquire a degree in the related field. Most medical colleges conduct para-medical courses of which one of them is Physiotherapy. There is a range of diploma and degree courses in Physiotherapy and the person aspiring to be a physiotherapist should acquire one of the two.

Required Skills to become a Physiotherapist

Though they are not considered to be on the same level as the doctors, they are equally significant in treating patients. The physiotherapist is expected to follow the doctors prescribed exercises for the patient. Some of the skills required include:

  • A thorough knowledge of the human anatomy and bone structure
  • A complete and comprehensive understanding of the movement of joints and also the structure and function of the muscles, bones and nerves.
  • Ability to handle any number of patients
  • A compassionate mindset to be able to understand the suffering of the patient
  • On training the patient on the right physiotherapy exercises, the therapist is expected to monitor the improvement in the patient.

How to become a Physiotherapist?

Once the academic qualifications have been acquired, the physiotherapist can join a leading and reputed hospital or a physiotherapist center to learn the treatment procedure. After a couple of years the physiotherapist can become one by taking up the role of a physiotherapist in a hospital or clinic.

Job Description

The job description of a physiotherapist includes the following duties:

  • Organizing of therapy programs depending on the patients need
  • Implementing specific therapy programs if the patient so requires, it as part of the treatment process
  • Massages, and other exercises to be administered
  • Monitoring the therapy program, noting the results,, identifying improvements, maintaining results log and reporting to the doctor who has recommended the patients
  • Counseling’s regarding physiotherapy exercises that needs to be done by the patient at home without the guidance of the therapist.

Career Prospects

There is a great demand for physiotherapists and hence the job prospects are very bright. Besides, hospitals and clinics there are job opportunities in various other sectors like rehabilitation centers, institutions that take care of the physically handicapped and other departments related to the medical field.


The salary of a physiotherapist is quite lucrative and depending on the place of work, the salary can differ. Besides, earning a salary at the place of work, the physiotherapist can also freelance as one in health centers and health clubs.

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