Career Options in Nursing

It is a known fact that nursing is a noble profession. It has come down the ages and today it is also one of the most preferred professionals especially by women. Nursing is taking care of the sick, the infirm and providing help to those people who need to be assisted in living their day to day lives.


The eligibility criteria to become a nurse is that the candidate should have passed the higher secondary or the 10/+2 examination with physical sciences, life science and mathematics as their subjects. The eligibility criteria for a career in nursing is a two levels. For the level of the degree in nursing, it is important to acquire a higher secondary certificate, but for a Diploma level the 10th standard certificate is adequate. Besides, the academic qualification, hands on training would be an added advantage.

Required Skills

Some of the basic skills lie in the character of the person who intends to take up a career in nursing some of them is compassion towards fellow human beings, kindness and a willingness to serve.

Apart from these inherent qualities, the candidate should possess some skills that include:

  • Analytical skills,
  • Interpersonal and communicative skills
  • Physical resilience to hard work and long working hours.
  • Problem –solving and quick decision- making skills.

How to become a Nurse:

On acquiring the nursing qualifications, the candidate interested in taking up a career in nursing should be well equipped with the right licensing certification. Depending on the country the rules change, therefore the candidate must know the rules of the country to be a nurse. It would be an advantage in becoming a nurse if the candidate took up training by working as an intern, then a nursing Assistant, and finally the Nurse. The nurse is eligible to upgrade the educational level by taking a Masters in Nursing. This will lead to better positions.

Job Description

The role of a person in the nursing profession has a set of typical duties that must be completed on a daily basis, weekly basis and on a monthly basis.

  • Providing pre and post-surgical care to the patient
  • Supporting patients, physically, emotionally and medically
  • Making assessments and plans according to the requirement of the patient.
  • Monitoring the patient, administering medicines, infusing IV injections, regular testing of the patient’s condition and recording the readings accurately.
  • Managing junior staff, reporting to senior staff and recording the reports.
  • Some of the hospitals expect the senior most nurses to attend to tutoring and training requirements of nursing students.

Career Prospects

Most nursing jobs are concentrated in the different hospitals and health clinics, but there are some requirements for nurses in large industries, where they work under the medical officer of the organization. Job prospects of the nurses can also be found in governmental and non-governmental organizations like the defense sectors.


The scale of salary for a nurse is very high and lucrative and depending on the kind of work place it is, the nurses can expect very high wages and also perks.

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